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Will Bitcoin Be Dethroned by an Altcoin? Not in This Life

May 22, 2017


I started investing in Bitcoin in 2011. In the past 6 years, I have met so many people hailing that Bitcoin will be dethroned by an altcoin. Today you hear eth activists say eth has reached new heights with a market cap of more than $17,85 billion, about 50% of that of bitcoin and it wi...

Bitcoin Bubble Blasts: It’s Only a Matter of Time

May 18, 2017


Note: Yi Kelun, president of Corporate Strategy Institute of Anshan city, Anhui province of China, talks about the difference between virtual economy and false economy. Virtual economy is operated on the basis of real economy. A stone can be as precious as a pearl if Taylor Swift w...

How regulation help decentralize bitcoin OTC in China

Apr 21, 2017

ShiLiang Huang

0.Introduction At the beginning of this year, the government in China was tightening Bitcoin trading rules. All Bitcoin exchanges in China have stopped processing Bitcoin withdrawals. Everyone are very pessimistic. But two months later, Bitcoin wasn't taken down. Instead it gets a...

Op-ed:Why Bitcoin won’t hardfork like Ethereum

Mar 23, 2017


Note: Jiang Zhuo'er released an op-ed to refute the words that Bitcoin might split like Ethereum. He said in the end the market will determine the fate of minority chain. TL;DR 1. The minority fork of BTC needs to burn 200 million Yuan to survive. 2. The mining industry has the ...