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Category Archives: Regulation

Xiao Sa: ICO is Unapproved Illegal Financing Conduct

Oct 19, 2017

Red Li

On a guest post for Sina Fiancial, Xiao Sa, senior lawyer that practice in internet finance and ICO, introduces the general laws and regulations in China when entering into internet financial business. Xiao Sa, partner of Beijing Dacheng Law Firm(source: Sohu) Regarding Int...

ICO Muzzle – Stopping The Unstoppable?

Oct 12, 2017


The article first appeared on China Daily by Duan Ting on October 7th, 2017 and is reposted on 8btc  with author's approval. Initial coin offerings by startups are still seen as having enough steam to propel ahead despite a clampdown by regulators. ICO muzzle - stopping the unstop...

Is China Secretly Nationalizing the Bitcoin Industry?

Oct 11, 2017


There have been conspiracy theories suggest that the Chinese government attempts to nationalize the bitcoin ecosystem after China’s ban on ICOs and crypto services. But no evidence has shown that the PBOC or other supervisory authorities are working to monopolize the bitcoin world as the...