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China VC Try To Legalize ICO Through Private Funding

Mar 1, 2018


According to source close to the regulators, the authority is still paying close attention to the oversea trading platform. If risks and compliance issues rise again, regulatory measures may also be further escalated, including blocking website from domestic visitors. On the other hand, some dom...

Private ICO in China: Whitepaper Priced At 3,600 CNY

Feb 13, 2018

Red Li

Private ICO has emerged as the new fund-raising after the ICO ban in September 2017. Private marketing and roadshow has been replaced by marketing in wechat group or qq group. Funds are collected through chatgroup owner and distributed to group members. In September 2017 ICO was bann...

China to Block Access to Offshore Crypto Exchanges

Feb 5, 2018


February 4, Beijing (Xinhua News)- According to the People's Bank of China, Chinese cryptocurrency investors have headed to offshore crypto activities since the ICO ban last September, considering the various risks of offshore transactions, China is taking a series of regulatory measur...

Tencent Blocks Service for Cryptocurrency Trading and Ads

Feb 2, 2018


Chinese web giant Tencent announced on January 31 that they would ban any payment service and all advertising for illegal financial activities, like cryptocurrency trading and ICO-related activities as Chinese government called for a wider clampdown on services related to cryotocurrency in e...