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Things Change, People Change

Sep 30, 2017


Chapter One: When Caixin reported that ICOs are suspected of illegal fundraising on Sept 2 "WTF! Impossible! It must be these damn editors want a bargain hunt!" "Exactly! Who the hell is this close-to regulator guy? Care to give a name? I don't buy a word of it unless the PBO...

Another Reason for PBoC’s ‘Bitcoin Exchange Ban’ Claim

Sep 12, 2017

Olusegun Ogundeji

The recent suggestion that the Chinese central bank is considering to ban bitcoin exchanges operating in the country may be connected to the sharp bounce the yuan had last week to hit a near 2-year peak on the dollar. Though the veracity of the claim of a ban is yet to be confirmed, its propos...

Li Xiaolai: Yunbi Is Winding Down In 3 Months

Sep 11, 2017

Red Li

A Shenzhen-based exchange has delisted BTC and ETH trading pairs against CNY. The exchange is the second one. The latest report of Caixin Weekly this afternoon also revealed that "Yunbi is winding down in 3 months" according to Li Xiaolai, the Bitcoin tycoon in China. Zhgtrad...