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China’s Guiyang Issue Whitepaper on Blockchain Technology

Jan 4, 2017

chris zhou

Guiyang Government of China issued a whitepaper on Guiyang Blockchain Development and Application On December 31 2016. Guiyang is a Southwestern city in China and the capital of Guizhou province. As a city 2000 km (1242miles) away from China’s eastern coast and known more for its coo...

Legal Interpretation of Online Payment Rules in China

Dec 12, 2016


Editor’s Note: Author of the article is Liu Chunquan, partner of Shanghai Duan&Duan Law Firm. It offers the interpretation of online tipping or donation under the current legal framework in China from a lawyer’s perspective. The topic evolves around the tipping incident last month...

China Sacks Finance Minister Amid Bitcoin Regulation Rumors

Nov 7, 2016


Big changes are coming the China’s financial ecosystem. A top official has been removed from his seat of power effective immediately. Interestingly enough, the finance minister was an active proponent of economic reforms in the country. China has been suffering from mounting debt, and addressi...