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Miners deep inside China’s Western desolate mountains

Feb 23, 2017

chris zhou

For ordinary people, Bitcoin is rather mysterious and technology-related. For amateurs, it will surprise them that mining plants are now scattered in remote places like mountains in southwestern region and dessert in the northern China. Wu guanggeng, the COO of Haobtc said there are mor...

Will the 45 trillion investment plan boost CNY inflation?

Feb 22, 2017

Red Li

As per a report by a Chinese securities company, 45 trillion RMB will be poured into projects categorized as fixed asset investment (FAI) by 23 provinces in 2017. The news is stirring up anxiety among Chinese, especially the middle class who have substantial bank saving. On 15th Feb, ...

Some facts on LocalBitcoins rising OTC figures in China

Feb 21, 2017


Since the introduction of some regulatory measures by most Bitcoin exchanges in China as a way to ensure they comply to the country’s laws and not act neither as banks nor as money laundering services providers, attention seems to have shifted to the over the counter market. More individuals ha...

Tencent Institute: 7 Trends of Blockchain industry in 2017

Feb 18, 2017

chris zhou

In the first quarter of 2016 the total investment to Blockchain sector in reached a staggering $ 1 billion. Investors are showing the enthusiasm seen in the internet age of 1990s. Lile “cloud computing and “big data”, the term Blockchain have been used extensively by people. Then how will B...

Sosobtc adopts Bitfinex price amid market confusion

Feb 17, 2017

Red Li

Earlier today, sosobtc, one of the most popular price watch app in China, announced on weibo that the default CNY price would be based on Bitfinex price due to “Variance of bitcoin price between domestic exchanges and foreign exchanges” The move sheds light on providing a more reliable b...