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Eight standards to assess a blockchain program

Feb 27, 2017


Note: Zhang Lei is the author this article. As a blockchain developer, he now turns to the online education of blockchain developments. You may find his contact info at the end of this translation. In  2017, the Blockchain is on the rage, where there has been numerous programs based on ...

Why CANOEPOOL supports bitcoin unlimited?

Feb 27, 2017


Chinese Twitter account cnLedger revealed recently that a new mining pool by the name of CANOE was online. The pool was attracting much attention in China for signaling the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) software client, which adds to another mining pool supporting BU. As the person in...

To Understand Soft/hard-fork Issue from Technique’s Angle

Feb 24, 2017

chris zhou

To update Segregated Witness issue via soft-fork is quite contentious both for SegWit and for soft fork (some people think hard-fork is needed for SegWit’s update). Now let’s see the issue from technology angle to make a judgement on which one is right. Hard/soft fork issue concerns de...