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Chinese Community Question Integrity Of Hardware Wallet

Jan 9, 2018

Red Li

Redditor moodyrocket find his “life saving” wiped out after he transferred $34,000 of crypto on the Nano Ledger hardware wallet, which he acquired second hand from online seller. 8btc posted the Chinese translation and the news trigger questioning on the integrity of hardware wallets. Some o...

Scry Founder Fu Anwen 2018 Will See Blockchain Booming

Jan 8, 2018

Red Li

As the first blockchain startup of Fu Anwen, Xcener has closed 10 million USD A round funding in 2017. SCRY is the latest endeavor of the young entrepreneur on integrating blockchain with daily life. SCRY attended the 2017 China International Big Data Mining Competition, whic...

Tencent Disclose Bitcoin Used To Transfer CNY Oversea

Jan 5, 2018


Even as authorities vigilantly tighten capital controls for capital outflow pressure,  people are getting cleverer and finding new approach to transfer their asset out of China. When ways like buying large amounts of insurance in Hong Kong and exchanging through transnational companies ...