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Bitcoin ATMs still low in Asia

Dec 21, 2016

Olusegun Ogundeji

Despite the large concentration of Bitcoin-related activities in Asia - particularly China - the number of Bitcoin ATMs is one of the lowest going by figures from CoinATMRadar. According to the site which provides information regarding Bitcoin ATM locations worldwide to make th...

Be Firmly and Openly against SegeWit and Lightning

Dec 19, 2016


Why are different mailboxes  able to send emails to each other? Why aren't messaging apps able to send messages to each other? If you are a key stakeholder of Bitcoin, will you agree to establish a protocol for Bitcoin and Ethereum to make transferring coins from Ethereum to Bitocoin ...

Summary of Chinese articles that support softfork scaling

Dec 16, 2016

Red Li

Ma Long, or better known as Maya/Cndx in Chinese Bitcoin community, is a Segwit enthusiast and Core-supporter, summarize a series of Chinese posts on softfork scaling to better educate the Chinese community on 8btc. Ma Long quit his fulltime job and dig into Bitcoin and blockchain ...