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Chinese Miner In Siberia: Gun Makes Me Feel Safe

Mar 22, 2018


Bitcoin sluggish and declining profit have raised a higher demand to crypto mining. On the other hand, China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies broadens to bitcoin mining, some of the industry’s biggest players are branching out to bitcoin-favored countries like Russia, Iceland, Norway and Can...

Mining Rig Suppliers: Crypto Mining Fever Is Cooling Down

Mar 16, 2018


The fever of crypto mining is cooling down, as graphics card makers recently pointed out that the mining profits are declining following the slump of cryptocurrencies, and the big three GPU manufacturers including TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), Bitmain and NVIDI...

Will Bitmain Stop At 3nm?

Feb 27, 2018

Red Li

According to Zhang Zhongmou, founder of TSMC, 3nm will be the physical limit of silicon wafers, which will be achieved in the next decade. If the prediction is true, then bitcoin ASIC miners might reach its real boundary eventually. Moore's law is the observation that the number of tr...