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Alibaba Moving On Blockchain

Mar 29, 2017


Since its US IPO, Alibaba has been on a buying spree of companies around the globe. Recent investments include e-commerce companies in India and the Philippines, leading a $793 million dollar stake in US augmented reality company Magic Leap, and a $1.25 billion stake in Chinese food d...

Countdown for Qtum’s Crowdsale on March 16th

Mar 14, 2017

chris zhou

The crowdsale of Qtum, the most discussed Chinese Blockchain project of 2017 will officially kicks off on March, 16th, , GMT 12:00pm (Beijing Time 20:00) and will end on April 15th 2017 GMT 12:00pm (Beijing Time20:00). The crowdsale will also complete earlier if 51,000,000 Qtum tok...