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The Impossible Triangle of Blockchain

Mar 2, 2017

chris zhou

This article is extract from an article published by members from Tecent Blockchain Project There is an impossible triangle for Blockchain technology, namely among cost-effectiveness, decentralization and security, only two of the three can be achieved. If you analyze the contributors o...

Blockchain 2.0 is a programmable trading system

Feb 28, 2017


It’s reported by THE PAPER that a blockchain research institution was officially established on Feb.26th. Wei Yingning, former vice president of China Insurance Regulatory Commission and Zheng Yang, director of Shanghai Finance attended the opening ceremony. Zheng Yang suggest...

Tencent Institute: 7 Trends of Blockchain industry in 2017

Feb 18, 2017

chris zhou

In the first quarter of 2016 the total investment to Blockchain sector in reached a staggering $ 1 billion. Investors are showing the enthusiasm seen in the internet age of 1990s. Lile “cloud computing and “big data”, the term Blockchain have been used extensively by people. Then how will B...