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Why Qtum Choose UTXO Model and the Benefits

Jan 18, 2017

Patrick Dai

I have read the Qtum whitepaper over last 1 hour so understanding may not be 100% but this is my assessment. 0. Basically it is just another bitcoin fork with extension to the bitcoin scripting language to support solidity contracts? First of all, Qtum is far from being “just another bitco...

Are Chinese buying ETC because of 8BTC article

Dec 30, 2016

Red Li

An article about ETC by Xu Zijing, AKA Ryan_XxOo, was released on 8btc this Wednesday when the ETC was around 0.0011btc. The article: Will ETC take the next lead, has over 2,500 views at press time. Two days later ETC soars to around 0.0017btc, a 50% gain. It's easy to link...