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7 Suggestions on ICO and Crypto-assets Portfolio

Jul 13, 2017

Red Li

Charles Xue, a famous angel investor in China, posted a photo with Lao Mao, ex-COO of Yunbi, to his 11 million weibo followers, saying “I am learning ICO from Lao Mao”. From the happy face, it seems that they have found something really exhilarating. It could be "the path to finan...

Director of CNNIC: 99 of 100 Blockchain Startups Will Die

Jun 28, 2017

Red Li

27 June, Dalian-Li Daokui, Tsinghua University professor and former member of PBOC Monetary Committee, said Bitcoin would not replace fiats and Alipay couldn’t issue digital currency at the Davos Forum 2017. In a session themed "The Global Impact of China's Financial Reform" ...

Fudan Blockchain Technology Camp

May 24, 2017


The Blockchain Association (FBA), Powered by Fudan MBA successfully launched its first event of the Association by showcasing the Blockchain Technology Camp! In the first installation of the Camp, the FBA decided to start from the principles. As the most successful applicatio...