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China’s PC Giant Lenovo Unveils the First Blockchain Phone

Mar 21, 2018


China’s tech giant Lenovo on March 20 unveiled the first blockchain phone in Beijing, aiming to revive its ailing mobile arm with the help of the hot new technology. The latest device is dubbed as Lenovo S5, which is powered by a Snapdragon 625 octa-core chip, and is coupled with 3/4G...

6-Day Blockchain Training Cost 19,800 CNY

Mar 19, 2018


What is blockchain? The answer could be simple or sophisticated depends who is asked. In order to go down the rabbit hole, some people are willing to pay a lot. Seeing the rising market demand, some entities roll out training sessions. Some are genuine and some not so genuine. Wechat group are...

Bytom Global Meetup Tour in Seoul Concluded Perfectly

Mar 19, 2018


SEOUL, March 18, 2018 (8BTC News) – Bytom Global Meetup Tour - Seoul Meetup was held at Pentarium in Seoul, South Korea. Bytom CEO Duan Xinxing, CEO assistant of Bitmain Zhang Yuan, and Zeniex CEO Choi Kyung-joon, together with 200+ blockchain investors and b...