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Tencent’s Webank: Blockchain based buisness system is ready

Apr 10, 2017


At the end of March,2017,  China’s first interagency consortium blockchain built by WeBank has been initiated, and its application data records have reached to 2.2Million. This application aims to optimize the bank reserve management and reconciliation process in syndicated loan service, by...

Guiyang Launches A Blockchain-Focused Vocational College

Apr 5, 2017


            The Inauguration Ceremony of the College In an effort to broaden the use of blockchain tech, Guiyang launched a blockchain-centred vocational college on March 31, together with the opening of the first training program designed to build a great team of blockchain experts....

Ethereum Meetup In Hong Kong w/ Vitalik

Apr 2, 2017


Seeing that he would be there, I dropped in on the Ethereum meetup in Hong Kong this Saturday. Vitalik would speak on Zero Knowledge Proofs, updates and Metropolis. It all went down at Metta, a great space with amazing views, and was hosted by Hong Kong’s wonderful Jehan Chu of Je...

PBOC Moving Closer to Go Digital in 2017

Mar 31, 2017


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) held a conference in Yangzhou city Thursday discussing fintech and market regulations. “Going forward, we will give our priority to go digital by build a talent pool on digital currency-related technologies. We will work to improve our work conc...