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Netease Blockchain App Questioned To Steal User Privacy

Feb 17, 2018


Despite the pressing regulation, Chinese enterprises never stop to get involved with blockchain. Netease made another attempt after the Cryptokitties-type game was taken offline. On February 9, Netease rolled out another blockchain-based app called Planet of Force, referral code of which we...

A CPC Professor: Bitcoin May Back Above $400,000

Feb 12, 2018


The price of bitcoin is yo-yoing these days. Chen Jianqi, professor of international strategic research institute at Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, demonstrated his point of view on bitcoin. He also predicted that the future price of bitcoin would move above the $400,000 le...

Bytom (BTM) Listed on CoinEx, BTM/BCH Is Coming

Feb 1, 2018


January 30, 2018- Bytom and CoinEx jointly announced that BTM would be listed on CoinEx on Feb 1st, and support BTM/BCH trading pair for the first time. So far, BTM/BTC, BTM/ETH, BTM/USDT and BTM/BCH trading pairs are available. This is Bytom’s second ov...