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What a Trump presidency may bring for China’s Bitcoin

Jan 21, 2017


Bitcoin’s growth rate will henceforth be somewhat affected by the outcome of two key events -- Donald Trump’s inauguration in the U.S. and the PBoC’s release of its report on its investigation into the three key exchanges in China. Starting from late last year, there have been predi...

Can Bitcoin transactions in Japan reach China’s level?

Jan 19, 2017


According to Kawabata Kagayaki, the Business Development Lead of Coincheck, Japan’s leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, it is possible at some point for Japan's Bitcoin transaction volume to reach the same level as it is being recorded in China presently. In an email,  ...

Automated, High-Speed Chinese Traders Dominate Bitcoin Trading

Jan 17, 2017


Professional traders using high-speed, automated trading are now responsible for 80% of bitcoin trading, according to Bloomberg. Bitcoin offers arbitrage opportunities across different exchanges, zero transaction costs on the Chinese venues hosting most of the activity, round-the-clock trading, ...

On Development Period of Bitcoin Industry

Jan 16, 2017

chris zhou

Recently Bitcoin community are all keen on POOC’s inspection on China’s major exchanges and exchanges responded by limiting or closing margin trading services, which is welcomed not only because the deleverage will greatly decrease price hype from speculators but also because PBOC’s m...

Bitmain says price hike increased interest in mining

Jan 10, 2017


The recent spike in the price of Bitcoin increased interest in Bitcoin mining which seems to have dwindled after the block reward halving in July. According to the International Marketing Manager at Bitmain, Nishant Sharma, Bitcoin mining has continued unaffected by the block halving ...