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What a Trump presidency may bring for China’s Bitcoin

Jan 21, 2017


Bitcoin’s growth rate will henceforth be somewhat affected by the outcome of two key events -- Donald Trump’s inauguration in the U.S. and the PBoC’s release of its report on its investigation into the three key exchanges in China. Starting from late last year, there have been predi...

The worst case speculation after PBOC inspection

Jan 20, 2017

Red Li

POBC inspection team released an official briefing on 18th Jan  , which hammered down the price to around 5,700 yuan, or around 7%. The briefing is concise but also contains rich implications. We may speculate the best and the worst outcome of this event by reading between the lines. The b...

Can Bitcoin transactions in Japan reach China’s level?

Jan 19, 2017


According to Kawabata Kagayaki, the Business Development Lead of Coincheck, Japan’s leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, it is possible at some point for Japan's Bitcoin transaction volume to reach the same level as it is being recorded in China presently. In an email,  ...

Why Qtum Choose UTXO Model and the Benefits

Jan 18, 2017

Patrick Dai

I have read the Qtum whitepaper over last 1 hour so understanding may not be 100% but this is my assessment. 0. Basically it is just another bitcoin fork with extension to the bitcoin scripting language to support solidity contracts? First of all, Qtum is far from being “just another bitco...