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RCO Release Testnet For Public Beta

Mar 22, 2018


RCO officially entered the public beta stage: Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable, RCO will allow you to get more high-quality mining harvest. In the currency circle, Bitcoin is the vane of the industry, and everybody knows it. The total number of Bitcoin is 21 million, and its sc...

Netease Launch Blockchain Games Channel With 3 Categories

Mar 22, 2018

Red Li

22 March, Netease launch a navigation for blockchain-based games on its game channel.  The page categorized and evaluated existing blockchain games, allowing players to choose games according to their interests. Since blockchain games do not focus on playability, players are more concerned...

China’s PC Giant Lenovo Unveils the First Blockchain Phone

Mar 21, 2018


China’s tech giant Lenovo on March 20 unveiled the first blockchain phone in Beijing, aiming to revive its ailing mobile arm with the help of the hot new technology. The latest device is dubbed as Lenovo S5, which is powered by a Snapdragon 625 octa-core chip, and is coupled with 3/4G...