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90% Rise in Four Days, Litecoin to da Moon?

Jun 20, 2017


Litecoin, the little brother of bitcoin, is shining brightly after five years of stagnancy. The price of per LTC has surged from $29.4 on June 16 to a new high of $56.4 on Okcoin this Monday. Charlie Lee, creator of litecoin, says that many factors are behind the spike, including his re...

Bitcoin Is Put in Jail, Altcoins Are Still at Large

May 26, 2017


Preface: Recently, as Eth price ↑↑↑↑↑, many Ethereum enthusiasts become rich overnight. A bitcoin holder(ZY), however, lost his mind. He started typing words like"I feel sad to see others get rich “or “I’d rather lose money than see others get rich” in a bitcoin group. No matt...

5 Potential Risks When Investing ICO

May 23, 2017


Bo Shen, cofounder of Fenbushi Capital, delivered a speech on Hangzhou Blockchain Technology and Application Summit 2017, topic of which is The situation and outlook for blockchain investment. Fenbushi Capital is a Chinese Fund focusing on blockchain investment. The company was founde...