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Lao Mao: There Might Be 30-50 Crypto Exchanges In Japan

Apr 20, 2018


Lao Mao, founder of INB, accepted the exclusive interview from 8btc. Below is the translation of condensed transcripts. Video could be found here. Q: Did you settle down in Japan? How is life there? Lao Mao: I like the life style of Japan. I am very happy to live there, but I...

Chinese Mining Pools Take Up 90% Of The Global Hashpower

Apr 18, 2018


According to real-time statistics shown on BTC.COM, the numbers indicating hashpower of the most popular pools are changing constantly. BTC.COM tops the hashpower ranking with a share around 29%, 15% higher than its runner-up Antpool. The top five takes up nearly 75% of the total has...

Xiao Lei: EOS Is Not The Real Blockchain 3.0

Apr 17, 2018


Xiao Lei, a famous financial analyst, said that EOS was not the real blockchain 3.0. Instead, it was just another “consensus” project that meets the demand of speculation. The power of consensus is much weaker than the power of profits. He also said the DAO (decentralized autonomous org...

Clarify: India Hasn’t Banned Bitcoin Yet

Apr 8, 2018


As India, Japan, Pakistan and other countries amid regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrency, bitcoin plunges to $6526 USD on Friday. However, there are lots of misconception of the announcement made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It was reported that, instead of banning all bitcoi...