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What is Bytom and It’s Business Model?

Jun 21, 2017


20th June Hangzhou- In an interview by Xinlianshe, the Bytom team reveals the project’s future business model, user case and the innovations in its management. According to the Bytom whitepaper, major features of Bytom are: Bytom adopts three-layer architecture: application layer, ...

Trolling or BIP148 Led to BTC Crash?

Jun 15, 2017

Red Li

8:10 AM Beijing-Li Xiaolai, the famous lecturer and also widely known for his investment in Bitcoin, released a weibo  : The bottom is always twice of last ATH(all time high). (July 2014) The message soon aroused attempts to decipher the OP's real intention. Although it didn’t...

Thoughts on Bytom Design: Extension of UTXO Structure

Jun 14, 2017


Gavin Guo, the author of the article and the developer of Bytom, explains the new UTXO model of Bytom. 14th June, Hanghzou -  The user model is an important data structure that needs ...

ICO Guideline by Shared Finance List 6 Elements in Whitepaper

Jun 5, 2017

Red Li

4th June Shanghai- As defined by PBOC official, cyrpotcurrency is not qualified to be a “currency” due to the lack of certain features, like value stability etc. But what if the adopters choose to ignore them and willing to take their chances in exchange of its low cost in raising funds th...